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'Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit'

St Matthew 28: 19

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Melake Zion Tesfa Mikael

By St Mary of Zion, Jan 23 2016 12:26AM

In the name of the Father Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen.

A Life of Service and Dedication

It was with great sadness we heard of the passing away of our beloved father Malake Sion Tesfa Mikael Lewis who passed away from this world to the spiritual paradise of the saints on the 6/01/2016.

In the Holy Bible our Lord speaks of a grain of Wheat

“unless a grain of Wheat falls to the ground it yield much grain from a single grain’’

Which means, by the preaching of the Apostles they brought many to Christ just like our holy father did in his ministry which we can all bear witness to.

He laughed when he said Moses travelled for 40 years in the wilderness, I did 42 but still unable to reach into the building yet that was not the whole story: Our father has worked tirelessly unwavering, through rain, snow and heat to give service to those seeking the word from God. But behind every great man there is a even greater woman and I give thanks to God for his wife Wolete Kristos who like Malake Sion Tesfa Mikael worked unassuming for the church , having experienced many days of trials, tribulation and suffering so that we can benefit from the beautiful worship of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. Starting from the EWF, local 33, often Staying up many a late nights to bring the first fruits of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church here to the west he was one of the first priest to be ordained in Ethiopia from the west by his Holiness Abuna Tekla Haymanot patriarch of Ethiopia. It was a love of our lady St Mary that they asked that the church be named St Mary of Zion, which is the first church built in Axum, following the Christian era.

Once in a life time you meet someone, who you just meet and you just click, that is what happened when I meat Malake Sion Tesfa and Wolete Kristos, it was plain as day but first I would have to take you back over 26 years ago to when I first met Malake Sion Tesfa in was in a book shop in Tottenham, called ‘Headstart’. This was our first encounter it was on a Saturday afternoon and I was fulfilling a vow I made to myself about buying Black history books in order to know my own history and not being taught it by someone else. So, we are both in headstart bookshop, Malake was buying incense sticks and I was buying the destruction of the Black civilisation it was then we got into a debate with the owner about Egypt being black turned white so we got talking and he gave me his card. I looked at the card and said ‘’I will see you tomorrow’’. Tomorrow came and I found myself in the church located in Margret Street, I remember sitting in the front row with Wolde Emmanuel and seeing Liqa Brahanet Gabre Selassie, God rest his soul saying Ahadu with his hands stretched out I knew then and there that I was home. Then I saw Malake Sion Tesfa also on the Alter it was then I realised he was a priest. Following this day we developed a deep friendship, he was the master and I was his pupil, him being Elijah and me Elisha, which I always reminded him to give me a portion of his blessing which he did when he gave me his cross and vestment.

So I didn’t just meet a man in the bookshop or a priest but a visionary a pioneer, it was Gods will that we met. Not by chance or coincidence, but Gods in his infinite wisdom made us to meet, which was to change the course of my life and everyone he came into contact with, he truly was a man of God. His love for God, his church and St Mary was great and was like a pillar reaching from earth to heaven. We have lost a very special father to us all. Malake Sion Meaning Angel of Zion and he was the Arch priest, he was a priest in charge, a pioneer, a preacher, a teacher, a Historian, a Artist, a soul father, a father confessor, he was a brother, a husband, a father and a grandfather, which he loved, he was a friend, a Tabot carrier, but most of all he was a priest of the most high, offering up incense to the Lord. I didn’t mention that our father was also a Social worker working on the behalf of those whom didn’t have anyone to fight their case, in fact Malake spent most of his life and time caring for people, which answers a lot of questions, which is love. Our Lord said Love one another in doing that you will fulfil the will of God. Which our father did. “Love does not boast itself, it’s not puffed up, it does not seek after its own glory, love is humble bearing all suffering, love is kind and forgives and Love is gentle.” I my wife and Son will never forget his Love and kindness.

It was not the amount of work he did for the church but the amount of love he put into his work that shines like a beacon. Let us build St Mary church so our father Malake Sion Tesfa Mikael can smile and pray for us that we like him may hear the words well done good and faithful servant inherit the kingdom of heaven which was prepared for you before the foundation of the world, may the soul of our holy father rest in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Amen

Eulogy written by Kesis Haile Maskael

Jan 23 2016 12:13PM by Gebre Medhin Samuel

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit One God Amen.

We give thanks to Egziabhier for sending amongst us, his lost and scattered children dispersed and spiritually lost in the West, Abune Yesgaq , Abune Yohannes and Kesis Melake Tsion.

We saw a King crowned in Africa and considered it a miracle for us as Egziabhier had appointed His Elect and Head Servant, Atse Haile Selassie the 225th King of the Solomon in Dynasty as acknowledged by the ancient and Apostolic Tewahedo Bere Kristian of Ethiopia.

Some of us in our eager desire to shed off all vestiges of slavery and it's so cruel consequences upon us, zealously and wrongly hailed our Atse as Egziabhier or Christ in His Kingly character.

When our Atse learnt of this, whilst humbled he was nonetheless grieved rgat this should be so and sent Abba Mandefero (Abune Yesgaq) to the Caribbean and later Abba Aregawi (Abune Yohannes) to London to preach the Good News from an Orthodox Tewahedo perspective.

As we developed, three young men amibgst us who were coming up through the enlightenment of Rastafari was handpicked by Egziabhier and caused to be ordained Deacons and finally Keses at the hands of Abune Teklehaimanot and they have been preaching the Good news ever since. Bringing hope where there seems none and light where all is but darkness.

Egziabhier in His infinite wisdom has called one of them, Kes Melake Tsion, for he indeed had as the others are doing, invested treasures in heaven.

Glory be to Egziabhier for He is Good and His mercy endureth forever. May the soul of our beloved Angel of Zion rest in that special place of abode where all the Saints repose until that blessed Resurrection!

Jan 25 2016 09:25PM by Ehete Maryam

The Angel of Zion has prepared many of us spiritually for what is to come.pls let us all take comfort in the important knowledge he gave us.

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